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Deanland Wood Park is a nationally renowned and award winning park home estate positioned near the beautiful Ashdown Forest.

For many, the dream of a lifetime is to own an attractive home in the countryside, away from the noise and bustle of urban living. Perhaps not miles away from local amenities, but in a setting that has a real sense of community to which you can belong. This may seem like an impossible dream, but with a Deanland Wood Park Home... you can live your dream, and in greater comfort and luxury than you ever imagined. 


So, what has Deanland Wood Park got to offer? Park Homes are competitively priced compared with other types of housing and are efficient to heat and easy to maintain. They provide the financial freedom to enjoy life to the full.  If you have reached or are approaching retirement, interest on capital otherwise tied up in expensive bricks and mortar provides additional income and the world becomes your oyster.


Dreams of extended holidays in the sun then become a reality. You could take a world cruise knowing that your home is under the watchful eye of friendly neighbours. A visit to grandchildren or relatives on the other side of the world is more than just a possibility. Alternatively you can spend time enjoying the luxury and comfort of your park home and exploring the surrounding countryside in a new car. A Deanland Wood park home could open up all sorts of leisure activities which previously you could not afford, or find the time for. It's easy to see why the financial security, together with the unique Deanland Wood Park amenities, is seen by many as the key to a happy and carefree life.

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