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Security is at the forefront of all our minds, both for us personally and for our property. Deanland Wood is unique, as it is, by its very nature, a secure place to live. The fact that so many like-minded people are living in the same community, means that there is not an exodus every day of people going to work leaving empty properties. Everyone is so friendly that a stranger is soon spotted. Deanland Wood also has electric barriers at the entrances and exits of the park, as well as CCTV cameras around the entrance and car park.

Historically, Deanland Wood has a very low level of intrusion into private property, so it does work, and Deanland Wood is as secure as we can make it. Secure also in the knowledge that you are living amongst people with similar attitudes. We meet personally with every new/prospective park homeowner and the environment is controlled by the park Code of Conduct which we are all bound by. Peace, tranquillity, natural beauty and security means happiness for all.

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