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RAF Deanland, as it was known in 1943–44, played an important part in the Second World War. As an ALG (Advanced Landing Ground), of which the Park was an integral part, it was a temporary airfield that hosted a Spitfire squadron with a record of some exceptional successes. For instance, it played a large part in the battle with the V1 rocket or "Doodlebug" as it was known. 


Deanland was right under the flight path of these death machines that were aimed at London. The third highest scorers in the fighter squadrons were those stationed at Deanland with their Spitfires scoring 185 kills. 


Deanland is also reputed to be the first Spitfire squadron to give air cover to the D-Day landings in Normandy. The present main car park and some of the roads on the park were first used by the RAF in 1943. 

We are proud of this history and the role the Park played in World War Two.

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